How to use Redirect Links List

To use a Redirect List you need to replace a string ‘%kw%’ with your website url (without http://).
For example you get a link: you need to convert it to: You can do that using a Scrapebox Harvester. To do that write your url to the ‘Keywords’ window, push ‘M’ button and choose files with redirect links. After merge you will get full list of redirect links with your website url. In this option you can put as many urls as you wish and you will merge all of them with all redirect links. You can also use any text editor, even Notepad, but I recommend to use Notepad++, to do that. To do that open file with redirect links, choose ‘Find and replace’. Fill form with finding string ‘%kw% and replace string ‘’ and replace them all. If you are not sure do you need redirect links, or how to use it, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask your question.